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Fine Art

Crushed from the outside, shaken on the inside…

Handmade ceramic sculptures by Eva Hild

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Henrietta Harris’ portfolio offers a glimpse into a beautifully muted world of distortion.

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Leon Kelly’s surreal landscapes.

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Phil Ashcroft’s paintings…

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Veiled intentions

A veil that covers, deforms, and when it reveals it does so only in part. A metaphor for knowledge, that expands certain values and contracts others. It’s the theme that inspired “Vedas” by N. A. Cope and D. E. Arnold.

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Another series of stunning photographs from Italian photographer, Alberto Seveso. His subjects: ink + water.

[ due Colori ]

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I recently stumbled upon examples of body art at its best – showcased in the amazing portfolio of Russian airbrush artist Evgeny Freeone.

From the artist: “I came to body painting from a similar trend – the world of tattoos. However, since I don’t make tattoos myself but wanted to see my work on people, I simply started to draw on people. I just tried once and loved it, so I go on doing it…”


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The transitory nature of his subject matter is encapsulated, transfixed and glorified with hightened photorealism. Light and translucence make these paintings glow while nature’s perfect patterning allows each painting to take on a meditative quality.

Paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

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[vimeo width=”500″ height=”460″]http://vimeo.com/28928076[/vimeo]

Another stunning example of ferrofluid…

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Arturo Elena

A noteworthy aspect of Elena’s work is his ability to lengthen the human form while maintaining perfect harmony of proportion. Faces, hands, the details of the garments; all give rise to not only a fashionable image but also a complete universe of gratification for the observer.

[Arturo Elena]

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Normal rules need not apply…

[Iris van Herpen]

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A Series of Drawings from the End of Time. – by Dan Slavinsky

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Minimalist beauty personified…

[Crude Vessels]

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