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January 2012

Arturo Elena

A noteworthy aspect of Elena’s work is his ability to lengthen the human form while maintaining perfect harmony of proportion. Faces, hands, the details of the garments; all give rise to not only a fashionable image but also a complete universe of gratification for the observer.

[Arturo Elena]

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Normal rules need not apply…

[Iris van Herpen]

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A Series of Drawings from the End of Time. – by Dan Slavinsky

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[youtube width=”500″ height=”460″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxSIXfYkJVA[/youtube]

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1. any impression or impressed effect.
2. to impress (a quality, character, distinguishing mark, etc.).
3. to fix firmly on the mind, memory, etc.
4. a killer digital design series by artist Alex Varanese

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